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The Nitty Gritty on Facial Jowls

I’m here to tell you that doing facial exercises will not damage your skin, face or is counter productive to facial jowls. According to Frederick Rossiter, M.D. – a medical doctor and past professor of anatomy and physiology at a university that teaches medical doctors – the muscles located in your face are organized a wee bit different compared to that of the rest of your body.

The majority of muscles in your body attach bone to bone. They actually slide under the fascia. It is a little different when we talk about the face. The muscles first attach to the bone and then directly to the skin or a different muscle through the fascia. This means that the muscle is first, then the fascia, then the layers of skin where the fibers finish. This is the only reason why we can show facial expressions.

Sorry if I haven’t explained, but the fascia is a lace like structure that we have throughout our entire body. Within the lace like pockets we have a nice dose of fat deposits. Now don’t be alarmed they are not really bad, in this case at least. These deposits are called subcutaneous fat in the face. As we grow older the deposits decrease, eventually resulting in the infamous facial sag.

The more we exercise our face, we build muscle fibers actually mirroring the fat deposits. This results in that wonderful firm youthful glow that we long. Oxygen is absorbed just about 10 times more with contracted active muscles, giving the added moister and elasticity which also contributes to the look of youth.

.Exercising more and more simply pumps fluid back into the fascia resulting in a more supple and elastic voluptuous look. Your skin literally lifts up as your muscles work and tone in this firming process. As long as the muscle is contracted before you actually brush against the skin, you will avoid stretching and any other harm. You can get rid of any unwanted facial sags as well. The facial jowls can be unsettling, but we are here to help you tone up, feel and look younger than ever before. No more bad mornings in the mirror, take charge.


First Facial Exercise for Jowls to Try Out

Come with me for a second…

On a routine day in at the office, head manager “Mike” gave his lecture on the last weeks stats – but I wasn’t fully there.

After almost falling asleep listening to the manager speak in his dull monotone voice, I noticed one of my coworkers.

her neck didn’t look to great. I wasn’t sure if I should address that issue with her, for all I know it might not even be a problem to her.

For me it’s a definite problem, given the reason why I actually take care of myself as I would not like to have anyone looking at me in disgust.

Her facial jowls made me feel slightly uncomfortable.

I’m usually not one to judge, but it took me back to the times when I’d search rigorously on the computer to find a solution.

A nagging voice in the morning, a reminder which made every second more embarrassing than the previous.

I wanted to let her in on my secret strategies to keeping a firm neck, but I felt bad that I didn’t so I will share with you a couple techniques that I use to have a tighter neck area.

Here it is, First:

* Sit down looking at a mirror and tilt your head back slightly next jut your chin ahead.

* Now raise your bottom pearly whites over your upper lip (you will have to slide the top lip lower and underneath the teeth) and hold it with the teeth.

Then lift your bottom lip as high as you can over the upper lip that is being held over your teeth as stretching out your bottom lip as far upwards as possible. (You can even just place bottom lip as high as possible above the upper lip, but I think with the teeth hold, the workout functions deeper).

* Having that position (you should feel a stretch on your neck)…gradually smile within five slow motions aiming the corners of your mouth towards your temples. Create the smile as large as possible upwards. (You should feel a good pull in your neck, and jowls. Remember with the face, if the muscle tissues get more toned, your skin layer (which happens to be attached to them) will have a toned look as well. So work it!

* Maintain that final position for the count of five (go for the burn!) and then return gradually to the regular spot in five gradual moves.

* Duplicate the exercise 3 times.

That is one of the best workouts I’ve discovered for the neck area and it has helped me personally keep my chin area looking nicely toned even when I was chubby.

There are additional exercises you can do subtly in public to tone your neck and chin. One being pressing your tongue securely towards the roof of your mouth – a workout you can do anyplace without attracting any kind of attention. But the one I explained above is my favorite.

Now that I think about it, I should contact that co-worker and see if she’d want to know. Hopefully she wont be offended, what do you think?

All in all, use these techniques and tell me how it worked.

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We are all on a quest to getting rid of those facial jowls.

Take Care


Let’s face it, getting old is not as easy as it may appear. Oh yes it goes by like a breeze, but at what cost. Time is our worst enemy but whose counting until you find yourself under an ongoing battle with age. On that note, what reason have you coming here? I guess you want to find out everything about facial jowls and in that case you have come to the right place as there are many apects of aging that may bother you.

Everyday life is not easy when you are constantly thinking about how you look as you walk down the street. you are not the only one, many have this problem and some dont even consider it a problem. it is a matter of doing something about it or letting it go. lucky for you there are ways to get around our facial problems without spending thousands on a plastic surgeons.

Facial jowls often explained or referred as the “turkey neck” syndrome have come accross as disgusting but regular when the time comes.

As you get older the skin around your your face slowly parts ways from the muscles and bones giving you the “saggy face” look. The bond between muscles and your face no longer exist in this case.This is what can disturb you when looking in the mirror.

It is also an accumulation of excess fat that have parted ways from your face as well. These are both signs of early aging. This looseness is usually located along the lawline and under the neck. It occurs due to the old age phenom of age and gravity. Otherwise we would have facial sag floating up and down. 

now that we have gone over and over again what facial jowls are and how you can identifyt them lets see if we can figure out what we can do about this.

Facial exercises are common when talking about this issue. Surgery is also an option if you have 7 thousand dollars to spare, but im not exactly sure what average person would spend 7 thousand on a facelift, some people still do it anyway.

The next post will go into more scientific detail of what is going on, but I just wanted to give you a simple overview of what happens in most cases. Thanks and take care!

Okay back to these exercises, the first would be to lift your neck up to the sky and feel the stretch between the neck. This may seem counter intuitive, but it will help you solve our problem. Press on the excess skin and run your hand from your chin to your collar bone. 

The next one is to ofter open your mouth frequently while circling your head around. You will also feel the stretch while doing this exercise. The key here is to feel your facial miscles working a bit more than usual as if you either kept yawning or were eating a huge meal for a couple minutes straight with through no breaks in between.

There are other alternatives that you can consider as in creams or surgery but they are not recomended for the average user. Stick to the good old fashion home remedies that your mother would have told you. There is no harm in saving a couple bucks to save your sanity. The more you educate yourself, the bettter off you’ll be. There are many who can’t stand to look at themselves in the mirror let alone walk outside and have a salad. You owe it to yourself to find a remedy for your “aging” problem. 

The choice is yours, remember these are only a couple of choices to choose from. Facial jowls are not going anywhere once you have them uneless you take some sort of action to rid yourself from them.